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29-Jan-2018 15:24

As parents, we often find it difficult to keep track of these innovations and the manner in which they’re affecting the lives of our children.

As useful as smartphones may be, certain dangers lurk behind the seemingly-innocent features of some apps.

Cyber-bullying becomes an easy, convenient and readily available option.

The anonymity of Yik Yak is also associated with the risks stemming from the use of Whisper.

Many kids enjoy the anonymity of Whisper, which encourages them to share secrets and sensitive information with strangers.

Ill-intentioned adults can use the app to access information that will potentially compromise the safety of a teen.

Tinder also features a rating system, enabling members to give a grade to the profiles of others.

On the Internet, you can find many articles listing the best kids’ apps.The app uses GPS location to suggest matches living nearby.