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23-Jan-2018 06:04

If you are interested in buying my book, please look at my website at for more details and my ship photos.The only city in Cornwall, although Bodmin is still nominally the county town.

I bought Colin Worker’s The World’s Passenger Ships in 1967 and began to list the ships and their former names in a book, as schoolboys do.In 1999 I put the data on a CD using an html format incorporating many photos from friends.I continued to update it until 2008 but more time was being spent writing histories on individual ships, mainly for descendants of immigrants to North America and Australasia.My interest initially was in the Queens for their size and the United States for her speed. It was clear that ships were changing names; some due to war reparations and others due to emigrant fleets wanting second hand shipping, so these vessels had a history about them. On my 8th birthday we flew as a family to Singapore for my father’s second tour of duty there and a chance for me to start ticking off the ships, sadly defacing the book.

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The cleaner images above are from a second copy of the Dumpy Book of Ships I bought many years later.Which leads me to announce the availability of my latest edition – the 2017 Compendium…

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