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07-Feb-2018 05:45

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Many of these concepts are not new and we have very reactive processes, such as those described by Mintzberg’s Environmental School of Thought, or with an embedded agility characteristic of iterative development models that are making their way from software development to more ‘traditional’ industries.

Nevertheless, many companies are still tied to rigid processes and time scales, without incorporating in their strategies elements that allow them to have a continuously updated view of the environment.

They may be focused on following a set direction and meeting planned goals, but what if the correct decision is to change the plan? Among them are: Harvard Business Review identifies as the second most important Fundamental Trait of Organizational Effectiveness that important information about the competitive environment gets to headquarters quickly. – Helmuth von Moltke the Elder (1800 – 1891) Does this mean one should not have a plan? But the strategy needs to include a natural degree of uncertainty that comes from the complex world we live in.

(For a sense-making framework that explores certain simplifying assumptions we often make, see the Cynefin framework.) Following a planned vision leads to less success than keeping an open mind-set for discovering new things along the way (Pontikes and Barnett, 2017).

“I don’t consume other people’s information.” So Chawla, a programmer, created a bot that would crawl his feed and automatically like every single picture that every single person he followed posted. He became so Insta-famous, someone stopped him on the street to commend his Insta-magnificence. We are so driven by this drug, getting just one hit elicits truly peculiar reactions.” He compared the experience of watching a social-media post rocket in popularity to smoking crack cocaine.

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“Our online persona is needier than our real one,” If they don’t get enough ‘likes’ for their selfie as expected, they decide to post another, but still do not receive a good response. They can lose self-confidence and have a negative attitude toward themselves, such as feeling dissatisfied with themselves or their body. This could affect the development of the country in the future as the number of new-generation leaders will fall short.A self-centered man joined Instagram and ran into a problem: Since he neither looked at nor “liked” his friends’ posts, they thought he was snubbing them.

Marroquin told at the time that he wasn’t opposed to having a relationship with De Jesus. … continue reading »

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