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12-Feb-2018 15:18

Free of shoulder pads, it's clear this is what an NFL quarterback is supposed to look like.

At only 17 years old, Patterson is 6'4" and 230 pounds, despite no formal weight training. And despite having played quarterback for only four years in an offense centered on his ability to run, Patterson's throwing motion is fluid."He's got Cam Newton and Andrew Luck qualities," says Trent Dilfer, who coached Patterson during the Elite 11 recruiting camps.

Tasked with creating a robot that could move at the bottom of a swimming pool, Patterson and his engineering design classmates went to work."We built that robot from scratch," Patterson says, lighting up as he retraces his steps.

"We welded it together and assembled everything."When it was time for the class robots to compete, Mr. But it didn't fare as well while maneuvering around and through obstacles. It also introduced Patterson to a passion he didn't know he had.

And although his reputation began to grow locally, it took a while before others took notice."If he were playing at one of the Catholic schools, he would have gotten more looks early on, but his recruitment was slow to start," Erlenbaugh says. But he has the tools, and he had those as a junior.

Three people were shot and two were killed a few turns from where they sleep."I know about four people who I've had relationships with who have been killed," Patterson says of the violence in Chicago.

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