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If the boys straightened out ideologically, Gilani reportedly said, he could guarantee their safety. They went into hiding and died, Amini heard, trying to evade capture.

The judge’s decision, which was reported in the official press, became notorious.

She was only a freshman when she started writing for state-controlled newspapers.

Her first assignments were for a supplement to the hard-line daily which was less strident. She did not much like the strict women’s dress code, but she was there to excel, not to wage futile battles.

“I couldn’t say goodbye, I couldn’t say I love you, I couldn’t touch him or take his hands.

Dozens of the network’s British-based employees and their relatives in Iran have been harassed and persecuted by…

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He presided over the courts during a period when they ordered the execution of thousands of opposition members.

First came internal conflict over the revolution’s spoils, and then an enormously costly war with Iraq.

The Aminis, no longer able to afford the animals or the gardeners or the farmworkers in straitened times, became middle-class.

Gilani held that Iran’s body politic needed to be cleansed of toxins. He insisted that, before the law, he could not hold his two sons to a different standard from that applied to other people.

As it happened, his remaining two sons were members of the Mujahideen-e Khalq, a leftist Islamic militant group that had been part of the revolutionary movement but which came to oppose clerical rule. He was alleged to have signed an order for their execution.

In the north of Iran, women could own property, wield social power, and work on farms with their sleeves and their pants rolled up.

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