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03-Feb-2018 15:01

He asks what she does for a living, and she mumbles something about “a restaurant, furniture, real estate…” *cough* porn *cough*. Unfortunately, what they showed of the dates was incredibly short.

They talk about his family a bit, and Derrell mentions he’s the tallest one. ” I know that sounds so bitchy in text, but it was surprisingly well-received. I’m pretty sure it was less than a minute of footage for each date. Finally, Farrah meets back with Patti to discuss how the dates went.

The star shared a photo April 10 on Instagram of Saran holding her around the waist.

"@simon_23_saran at #Simontonbeach #keywest," she captioned the picture.

This is because Farrah shared the episode with some creepy old guy named Scott who was trying to find a mother figure for his 10-year-old daughter. She is wearing a glitzy gold dress that looks itchy as fuck. Anyway, she says she stuck to the rules and the dates went well.

I have eliminated him from the recap even though I took notes, because he was just pretty gross and boring. Though, honestly, there was very little chemistry shown and zero romance. It was awkward but not Regarding Derrell, Farrah says he had good upbeat energy, was very good with his family and talked a lot about his mom and sisters. Ryan, she concludes, was also family oriented but more helpful while making the cookies.

He was proud to say he kept that shit out of court and the entire panel cringed.

Ryan asks Farrah about her 5-year vision and she responds that she has three to four businesses she plans to open this year in different fields. Derrell, 27, medical supply salesman Derrell immediately asks if the cookie recipe is Farrah’s, but she admits it’s the Million Dollar Club’s recipe. But as we all know, Farrah can keep up that front for a maximum of 13.5 minutes before the mask starts to crack.The matchmakers make sure to note that Farrah is both Christian and involved in the adult entertainment industry. As soon as Farrah checks into her hotel room, she gets a call telling her to meet a blind date downstairs at an outdoor bar area.Farrah heads downstairs, puts on her weird happy face, and begins chatting with the man named Aaron.” Aaron says that she seems to be annoyed or upset about it, and Farrah barks back, “Are you me to be annoyed by the envelope? He tries to redirect the conversation to Farrah’s interests or hobbies, but Farrah is stone cold. Patti believes some sort of trauma led Farrah to “act a certain way, a bad way…

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a porn way.”Farrah enters the room and we quickly get to the Daddy Derrick story.

Patti asks why he agreed to a second date, and Ryan says, “She’s beautiful, obviously, and it’s beyond external.” He describes Farrah as multi-dimensional and says “There’s a beauty in that chaos.” He says he felt comfortable with her, felt a good energy and would love to see her again. She broke when Patti threw down the gauntlet, and it put her on her best behavior for the rest of the filming.